Primary Gallery: First Friday

Primary Colours Presents Indiana’s Emerging Artists On display at Circle South Gallery February, 2017 Opening Reception: Friday 2/3 6-10 p.m. Primary Colours proudly partners with Circle South Gallery to present the artwork of Erin Case and Jessica Schultz in this multi-artist show. The artists featured in the exhibit are currently earning their Fine Arts degrees. As an organization that strives to assist local artists in the Indianapolis community, Primary Colours is proud to support the emerging artists and provide a professional learning experience as they graduate into the local art […]

Primary Gallery Presents: The Herron Art Show

Come see the work by five of our local Herron Students at the Primary Gallery on Friday, February 5th.  Our First Friday doors will open at 6pm.  If you can’t make it on Friday, be sure to mark you calendar for the Artist Discussion on Friday, February 26th.  Doors open at 6pm, the artists start discussing their work and answering questions at 7pm.  This is an unique way to interact with our up and coming artists, hear about their process, and maybe find some inspiration for your own creativity.

The Process of an Artist: Martin Kuntz

Martin Kuntz will be featured in our June gallery show (June 1, 2012 – June 22, 2012.) His work is a surprising mix of large scale paintings comprised of several pop and subversive influences. We at Primary Colours spent some time discussing with Martin the process, motivations and advice he has for other artists in the Indianapolis community. What is your Process? As far as my process is concerned, I typically work on large scale canvases using oils, and occasionally acrylic underneath.  Most of the imagery is appropriated from childhood […]

Chimaera's Attic

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