Broad Ripple Village Association and Primary Colours present Shift

On display at BRVA May 8-July 11, 2015

Opening Reception: Friday 5/8, 5-9 p.m.

The Broad Ripple Village Association and Primary Colours are pleased to present the artwork of Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley in the exhibit Shift. The exhibition is a study on the definition of color in the realms of paint pigment and light. Traditional two-dimensional and three-dimensional artworks depend heavily on daylight, while interplay between colored light and painted surfaces often requires darkness. Shift experiments with works that live and thrive in both environments.

The exhibit is a shared effort between artists Quincy Owens and Luke Crawley. If one word had to be chosen to describe the collaborative works of Owens ad Crawley it would be complementary. Owens creates abstract work out of a spontaneous, spirit-filled place that taps into universal human connections. Crawley deliberately dissects, analyzes and categorizes segments of sound, light and visual elements to quantify and rearrange it into new, well thought out systems. As collaborators, Owens and Crawley continue to push their own boundaries with new concepts, materials, lights, and sounds. Both artists work from different realms of the mind, and in their artwork, both artist and scientist come together to push one another, learn, and grow closer to a clarity that lies somewhere between the two complete yet dissatisfied realms of the mind.

As an artist, Owens explores materials and concepts to create works that are a visual connection between himself, his beliefs, his curiosities, and the world around him. The major artworks of Owens originate from shifting, corresponding, and contradicting systems to create fluid compositions that marry chaos and order. Owens is a husband and father of five children who loves to open his studio door every day to make something out of nothing. He graduated from the University of Indianapolis, lives in Greenwood and has a studio at the Harrison Center for the Arts where he works as a full-time artist.

The artwork of Crawley derives from a scientific curiosity that drives a study of relationships and properties. The most recent bodies of work by Crawley explore the rearrangement and overlapping of preexisting systems. Crawley seeks truth within the beauty of science even if the result may ultimately expose the frailty of the underlying systems being explored. A husband and father of two boys, Crawley attempts to capture in his endeavors the joy his children find in authentic scientific exploration and artistic exploration. Crawley is a science and math teacher at University High School in Carmel, Indiana.

The Opening Reception of Shift will be held at the Broad Ripple Village Association office from 5:00-9:00 p.m. during the Broad Ripple Spring Gallery Walk. Please visit for information about open office hours to view the artwork following the opening.

The Broad Ripple Village Association is located at:


6323 Guilford Avenue

Indianapolis, IN 46220

Opening Reception: Friday, May 8, 2015, 5-9 p.m.