Per artists Matt & Holly Sommers, the numerous data collected from their installation has been published. An official statement is below.

“If you attended Primary Colours’ Installation Nation 2012 show in Indianapolis this summer… You were likely handed a clipboard and told the story of how this unidentified shipping container had crash landed here, full of strange foreign objects that had been decontaminated and now needed your creative help. Well, plenty of you took the challenge, and applied your imagination to the identification of the twelve artifacts that were on display. And we’re so glad that you did. We present to you, the Civilian Conjecture Database. Hundreds of hypotheses from the minds of young and old, sober and otherwise. Take a look at what your fellow local art supporters dreamt up. Because we love the little people, some pages have a PG-13 area at the bottom of the list…they were too good to leave out. And if you must own that one-of-a-kind “android toothbrush,” “auto-hypnosis machine” or “back scratcher with built-in radio,” we can arrange for that. The soundtrack is even available for your ambient enjoyment. Thank you for participating. You rock.” 

To learn more please visit the Civilian Conjecture Database web site.