Opening Reception October 12, 2018

5 PM – 10 PM

On the Open Grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center’s Artspark


For the fifth year in a row, Primary Colours is happy to partner with the Indianapolis Art Center for Installation Nation. By using the 9.5-acre open green space behind the facility, the artists get to fully embrace the artistic opportunities and challenges of creating installations directly in the park. Eight artists/artist groups will transform the ArtsPark into an outdoor gallery. Each artist’s work presents a different vision of installation art. There will be interactive pieces, pieces in the trees, on the grounds, and using water. The nature of the layout will allow the viewer to experience pieces individually as well as interacting with each other. This is an excellent opportunity to help support local artists and watch them explore the limits of temporary outdoor installation art. Installation Nation is a unique offering in Indianapolis’ annual art calendar and we would appreciate your sponsorship.

Installation Nation is a 23-day long exhibition presented by Primary Colours featuring site-specific art installations to be located on the grounds of the Indianapolis Art Center’s 9.5-acre ArtsPark. Primary Colours is committed to bringing more opportunities to all of our local artists, and this is the event for our Sculpture and Installation artists flex their creative muscles. This is a free, family-friendly exhibit

Meet the Artists

Steve Nyktas

Dan Woerner and Kate Burnet

Samantha Salazar

Brishen Vanderkolk

Brent Aldrich

Gautam Rao

Meredith Sester

Danielle Graves

Farewell Event


Thank you for coming to our events and supporting our organization over the past 16 years.  We could not have done it without you.  We look back fondly on all the people this organization has brought into our lives and the wealth of experiences as a result, and we are thankful.  Please come to celebrate our organizations’ life and history with us at our farewell event Installation Nation 2018.

Want to Create Your Personal Masterpiece? This Year There Will Be Paint Pouring!

The Paint Pouring is for all ages (yes, even adults) and will begin at 5:00 PM.   

There is no cost for attendees to participate.

Thank You To Our Food & Beverages Providers


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