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This piece is a collaboration between human made objects and nature to create a hybrid of the natural and industrial world that reflects the urban environment. Trees and plants in the urban environment are natural, but planned, planted and circumscribed in spaces designed and created by humans, and one idea behind this piece is our need to control nature in the built environment and the struggle to live with nature while maintaining an orderly city. Another idea is a strikingly unusual imaginary world created with remnants and pieces of objects from everyday life that becomes an escape from ones everyday life.





Two pieces made from straight lines look like a chaotic mix of steel from most vantage points. Where you stand and the experiences you bring with you influence what you see. Your perspective fills in the blanks helping you see what may or may not be there, or what you want to be there. Step back and change your viewpoint to deconstruct the chaos.


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If I were to stumble, I might look down

My grandfather was born
John William Constantine
In Nineteen-Eighteen.
He went to war in France
And the skin beneath his eyes
Sagged like heavy snow
melting off a roof.
Rome rose and fell,
And rose again
To fall the harder.
It’s gladiators live on
And are now the largest entertainment industry north of the Rio Grande.
The Red Sea parted
Then became a sea again.
Pharos died.
And Indianapolis used to be an ocean.
I know this because
When I was a child
 I used to dig up sea shells
In the parkway behind my house.
The whole story is never comprehensive.
Cataclysmic utterances,
Assimilation, now hardly noticeable.
One foot set in the soil
Stepped into the same print,
Left millennia past,
Is forever seen as one footstep.





“Icarus Traps” is a set of suspended sculptures that represent the desire of the individual to soar like Icarus, but constrained by life, limitations, and obligations.






My goal as an artist is to deconstruct my own reality. Most recently I have become very interested in the relationship between social media and empathy for impoverished and war torn countries, specifically from Americans. It is easy to live through another person’s eyes given how accessible technology has made the world seem, but does this overexposure lead to true empathy or just insensitivity? As an American, our actions as a nation of war are not readily experienced by most citizens, which allow for us to distance ourselves from it. We have complete control over our exposure.

I chose to work with a bop bag because it is a universal sign of controlled violence. There is no remorse, and the toy warps aggressions into a playtime activity suitable for children. It allows the viewer to question their own ability to deal with anger and violence, as well as reflect on the result of their actions.





We are a sculptor/installation artist and an interactive new media artist. We’re interested in creating experiences that assimilate specific site qualities, materials and technology into  meaningful physical experiences, both conceptually and formally. Our work includes large-scale, site-specific structures, interactive video and audio installations, and complex fabric sculptures. Regardless of the form, every space makes you feel something; as artists of that experience we try to use specific elements and their arrangement to evoke particular emotions.





It is difficult to focus in an age of instant information and immediate communication, but it is often necessary to eliminate distractions to concentrate on what is truly important in life.  Workplay focuses on this concept.  Workplay is essentially a balance beam with multi-channel sound art composed from the distracting sounds in our modern environment: ring tones, message alerts, alarms, blips, and bleeps. The goal is for the user to balance on the beam in an attempt to walk across its entire length while experiencing the distractions now common to everyday life.  In order to experience what is truly important in life, at times we must tune out that which gets in our way.



From Behind Closed Doors is a collaborative installation addressing the separation of public and private space, the creation of personal narrative and the contextual qualities associated with how we create meaning and value. For the installation, a series of enclosed chambers, constructed from refurbished/reclaimed residential doors approximately 3’ x 3’, will be constructed and installed on the property. I will then contact 3 artists asking them to assemble a collection of items within which they believe hold an intrinsic personal value, or is integral to the understanding of their identity. These collections will then each be placed inside a separate chamber, with the artist’s name placed on the exterior of the door chamber, forcing the viewer to peer through cracks and keyholes to be able to see the empowered objects.
The viewer will then be left to construct their own narrative of the artists presented based on the objects enclosed.
Ultimately this will force the viewer to question how and why we construct these narratives and understandings based on disparate object, and investigate the connection between identity, object and space and how it is perceived from an outsider’s perspective.


My most recent body of artwork references the inevitable journey of our mind, body, and soul as it travels through this life toward death and beyond. On our journey we choose paths, go through difficulties, come to crossroads, and cross over to other sides. Through my artwork I strive to create an awareness of this journey on a deeper level, strengthening the connection between mind, body and soul traveling along our inescapable earthly voyage connected as one.



Stitching and Edging are site-based installations that draw attention to existing conditions in the ArtsPark. Stitching, using reclaimed wood from deconstructed houses* aligns with an existing axial thread between two landmarks on the site connecting nature (a carved stone artwork adjacent to the river) and man-made (the chimney of the Art Center’s reading room). Stitching invites consideration of that relationship between nature and built both experientially and conceptually. Edging highlights an existing curve on the entry path into the ArtsPark. While delighting in the geometry of the existing curve, the foil of bamboo poles also is intended to visually orient visitors towards the heart of the park.

*donated by ROC: Reclaim Repurpose Architectural Salvage in Muncie Indiana

swartz arthur 0077-x3




Since 2008, DENT has functioned as a collaborative team, initiating public performances, installations, and expeditions, tracking and documenting our movement across the landscape in video, photography, and site-specific objects. By appropriating performative gestures of flag-planting, dragging felled trees, canoeing, or map-making, and using our bodies to physically scale structures, we hope to suggest a re-engagement with the landscape in the public realm, ‘claiming’ it as artists for new shared uses.





My work, Intersection, is a sight specific installation using standard fluorescent flagging tape, commonly found in hardware stores, to activate and create interruption in what is typically a void and non-descript space. The tape will be wrapped densely forming a flat plane of color that will cut through the voided space between a grid of trees within the Art Centers Arts Park. The alarming color of the flagging tape will contrast starkly to its natural surroundings while at the same time bringing the viewers attention towards mans desire to bring order to nature.
My work has always come from a place of my own inter turmoil over contrasting ideas or belief systems. Whether observing the simple contrast between the coexistence of order and the perceived chaos of nature or examining the effects that technology has had on traditional family dynamics. It is my goal to engage audiences in visual experiences that provoke conversation or thought about these ideas in contemporary culture.



Sidener Academy
Sidener Academy’s mission is to serve the unique academic, social, and emotional needs of high ability students from diverse social, cultural, and economic backgrounds. Within our learning community, we are empowered to become lifelong learners and responsible citizens in a positive and supportive atmosphere.


Rousseau McClellan Elementary School #91
Rousseau McClellan School #91 is Montessori, which believes that we have the responsibility to develop the whole child according to the principles of the Montessori Philosophy: physically, socially, emotionally, and intellectually, within a safe and positive learning environment.

We believe that it is important to have the involvement and cooperation of parents and community members to help develop attitudes leading to caring and productive citizens in an ever-changing society.

We chose to make a Peace Pole, made by students which embodies the Montessori community and philosophy. Our school strives for peace, respect and love for others in our community and around the world.


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