On display at the Garfield Park Arts Center, September 2014

Primary Colours’ annual event, Art vs. Art, is a truly unique art competition featuring side-by-side face-offs between same-day created paintings. Artists compete head-to-head for a humongous $4,000 cash prize… and you judge. The winner is determined by audience vote; the losing painting faces the “Wheel of Death” unless someone’s generous purchase can save the painting from a ruinous fate. Some art will die.

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New in 2014, Primary Colours is happy to announce that all paintings will be on display at the Garfield Park Arts Center between Paint Day and the Main Event. In addition to voting online for the Top 32 paintings to advance to Art vs. Art: The Main Event, patrons at the Arts Center will be able to vote for their favorites in person.

Remaining paintings after the event will also be put back on display at the Garfield Park Arts Center, where the paintings will be available for purchase.

Garfield Park Arts Center
2432 Conservatory Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46203
(317) 327-7135